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Thursday, October 9, 2008

How To Find Home Business Prospects LOCALLY....

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Ankur Agarwal here....here is a very interesting and content rich article from my friend , coach and mentor Mark Wieser ....

"Where are all the good network marketing prospects at?

Many networkers seem convinced they don't live anywhere near them!

I say that because they'll spend hundreds of dollars a month on leads or genealogies all the while insisting that there are no decent prospects in their area.

Fact is, there are. (No matter how small of a town or city you live in).

Virtually everywhere there are people who would like to change their lifestyle, but who have no clue how to do that. There are also people in need of your product or service.

So, what's the best way to "tap in" to this goldmine of MLM prospects known as the "local market"?

We'll answer this by approaching it from two directions:

1) People you naturally come in contact with and

2) Services that can put you in contact with even more people who may be candidates for your opportunity (or product/service).

To get started, let's define terms.

"Local Market Prospects" refer to people who live or work in the same general area as you. In other words, people you come in contact with (or COULD come in contact with) on a daily basis.

They are not necessarily people you know (although they can be).

Approach Number One: Think about places you go and the people you cross paths with and practice alert living. Be on the lookout for sharp prospects wherever you go.

Example: You visit a local restaurant. You have a sharp, friendly food server who catches your attention. Right away, you observe this person has great people skills, a strong work ethic and is "on the ball".

Here's how you can EASILY prospect this person. Let's call him "John", and here's what you can say:

John, listen want to thank you for your great service this afternoon, it's some of the best service I've had in a restaurant this year (Now at this, "John" should be all smiles as you've just paid him a well deserved compliment). You then proceed: Listen John, I own a business here in the area and always keep an eye out for sharp people and you definitely caught my attention today. Let me ask you a question: do you keep your work options open? (Now, if John really is a sharp, heads-up person what's he gonna say? Obviously "yes", to which you respond): Good for you, John. I think you'll be glad you do! Tell you what, you're working right now and I'm busy myself, I'm heading off to meet someone, but let's do this.

Let me get your contact information and I'll drop you a line tomorrow (or when he get's off later the same day) and give you some more information on our opportunity and who we're looking for and see if we've got a match". Then you simply write down his information and you've just generated a strong local lead. Now, what makes it so strong is this: you've had a chance to MEET your prospect personally, observe their work ethic, their personality, and their people skills. How much stronger is THAT than simply calling a prospect "cold" on the phone? This is powerful.

And it's not just limited to restaurants (although people in this industry often make excellent networkers). No, you can do this in virtually anywhere.

Approach Number Two: Now, what can you do to come into contact with qualified local prospects in a "leveraged way"?

Join a lead referral network!

These are groups that meet locally and refer prospects to one another.

You simple attend a small meeting in your area and share a little about yourself and your business and you can immediately tap into the leveraged power of business networking.

The #1 organization for this that I'm aware of is: BNI or "Business Networkers International". They are worldwide and you can get more information by visiting bni.com

An alternative organization (which is limited to the USA only at this time) is called: LeTip. For more info, visit letip.com

Be sure to look in your local area and you may find additional organizations like these to expand your reach even further.

That's it's for today...

Mark Wieser


Mark Wieser has been a coach/trainer to thousands of network marketers in many different
companies and is the creator of www.mlmsponsoringtips.com He and his family recently
relocated to North Carolina. More information about mark's sponsoring approach, can be
found at: www.SurefireSponsoring.com........."

I hope you enjoyed reading the article..Do express your comments and views in the comment section..

Ankur Agarwal
Network Marketing Coach

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How and What Do RMP infotec , QuestNet , Ebizel , MyVideoTalk , Network Marketing Prospects Think ??

Welcome Friend To This Exciting Survey :

Here is the question :

Traditional MLM has taught for decades that we should build our business through our "warm list" and the "3-foot rule." Some argue that it's still the best way to build a downline because MLM is all about relationships.

Others contend that the world has changed. We now live in the Internet age and must adapt with the times. Marketing online allows us to reach more people and is more fun.

What's your opinion? Is Internet marketing for MLM , RMP Infotec , QuestNet , superior to the traditional warm market approach or is it all hype?


I invite you to click the "Comments" link immediately below this article, and a window will pop up where you can type in your opinion on this question. You can also read other people's comments there.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

RMP Infotec Businesses is Needed for Prosperity

Economic stability is critical to bringing prosperity into a region, whether that region is a country or a state. When there is economic stability, goods and services are sold regularly and as a result, businesses prosper.

When businesses prosper, more jobs are created. As more jobs are created, more money is available to go around. More money means more prosperity and so on. When it comes to the economy, more spending is always good. Of course this does not apply to individuals. For the individual, saving money is better, but since we are talking about the economy here, let's focus on what's good for the economy as a whole.

So in order for money to be spent, of course more opportunities to make money have to be created.RMP Infotec has created and continue to create opportunities for people to make extra money. Many of these people have gone on to become millionaires and have extremely profitable independent small businesses.

In today's world of big corporations where small businesses are becoming a rare breed, RMP Infotec creates thousands and thousands of independent small businesses that can be of enormous benefit to the economy. Why? Because small businesses can keep the economy moving and keep it stable.

Large corporations bring jobs but they also kill small business. Most of the time, small businesses cannot compete with the big corporations. Also, when these big guys fall, a lot of people get hurt as a result of layoffs.

I am not saying big business is bad for the economy; there are of course many advantages to having large corporations like lower prices, higher and a more consistent quality of products. But what is always needed is a balance between the number of big businesses and small businesses.

Independent RMP Infotec businesses can take the place of traditional small businesses. It is difficult for big corporations to drive these RMP business out of business. One reason for that is that these independent RMP Infotec business have very little overhead, they can be operated on a shoestring budget. Also they can be done on a part-time basis while Network Marketers keep their jobs. People Involved in RMP Infotec mostly don't realize that they are actually helping the economy become more stable. They are generating an independent source of income that is not dependent on their jobs.

In an unfortunate event, if they lose their employment for whatever reason, they have an independent source of income that can sustain them. This brings stability to the economy where more people are consistently spending money to keep the economy moving forward. Also, a Home Based RMP infotec Business can significantly supplement one's income, which can create more spending.

Please note that here I am not talking about pyramid schemes and other money games that are illegal and unethical. I am referring to legitimate opportunities offered by RMP Infotec which offers competitive prices and high quality products. You simply buy your products from them instead of a regular store, without spending any more money than you would normally spend. You promote their products and the business opportunity, and for that you get paid as an independent business owner.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of any economy. With big corporations taking over the business arena, independent RMP Infotec Home Business can and are taking the place of conventional small businesses that are being driven out of existence by big corporations.

So join RMP Infotec and build a business, and know that you are not only helping yourself but you are doing the best thing you can do for the economy.

PERMISSION TO REPRINT: Permission is granted to publish this article, electronically or in print, as long as it is published "as is" without any changes made including this paragraph and the author information below with the active link in it.

Ankur Agarwal is a successful businessman and an entrepreneur. He has a passion for Network Marketing and is helping many people build growing organizations. To see how you can benefit from his experience and efforts, visit: http://www.mlmguruankur.com/rmp.html

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Being Proactive in RMP Infotec Is The Key

I am currently reading Stephen R. Covey’s classic book entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”. Even though this book has nothing to do with RMP Infotec Biz, there are principles found here that would be of giant worth to us if implemented in our businesses.

Perhaps I’ll write more articles as I read further into the book, but for now, I’d like to focus on being proactive in RMP Infotec biz. I know we could all become more successful by simply deciding to be the kind of representatives who act instead of being acted upon, which is one of the most important parts of being proactive.

I have been tempted many times, as I’m sure many RMP infotec reps have, to be reactive in my business when anything goes wrong. When a rep is reactive, they would say things like, “If only I had a better downline/upline”, or “That person on my team makes me so angry all of the time!” When we are reactive, we think that because something has gone wrong in our business, such as downline reps quitting the business or someone else signing up a rep that we had prepared that there is nothing we can do and all is lost. Sometimes that sense of despair leads to negativity creeping into our minds until we have changed our mind about our company and begin to badmouth it.

It goes without saying that things go wrong in our businesses and that sometimes those things set us back some time or dollars. The difference, though, is in how we react to the setbacks, and if we come out a better rep or not. If we are proactive reps, we understand that while we can’t control some things that happen, we can control how we react to those things. Covey says that we may either act or be acted upon, but when we are the actors, we decide what affects us and what doesn’t. If our downline rep does something dumb, we acknowledge that we control our own feelings and that only we can make ourselves mad. If we are tempted to say “if only I had better reps”, then being proactive would mean we would say, “I will be better myself so that my reps can learn what it takes to succeed”.

No matter which mlm business opportunity we join, there will be reactive people and negativity. Unfortunately, these are usually the people who quit and then badmouth our industry. I really like Covey’s insights as applied to RMP Infotec because they can help us to understand that by being proactive and focusing first on ourselves and our own needs for improvement, we can shape the attitudes of those who would potentially become destroyers of our industry. It all begins with you and me and the proactive behavior we bring into our work in RMP infotec Biz.

The RMP Infotec Life is pro MLM. Our site spreads the message that RMP is a highly credible business opportunity and should be understood by all those who desire financial freedom.RMP Infotec Success can be achieved if you are proactive.

If you would like to learn more about internet network marketing For RMP click on the resource box bellow. *This article comes with redistribution rights as long as it includes the whole article and the resource box that is located bellow.

To the top, "MLM Guru" Ankur Agarwal is an active network marketer living in Noida, India. If you would like more information on Internet Network Marketing For RMP please visit his site at: www.mlmguruankur.com/rmp.html

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Who This Guy Think He is??

Dear Friends

This young "unknown" internet marketer defies all the
"rules" of the industry leaders and places over 3,967 people
in his downline in 14 short months without making one phone

Forget home meetings, card decks, conference calls, cold
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building your Network Marketing business because his NEW SYSTEM blows all
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Well, according to his thousands of recruits this system has
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Listen to what some are saying:

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"Excellent information! I have had over 25 enrollments in
the last 4 days alone. I am putting into practice the things
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Now he has made his system idiot-proof by automating the
whole process so that any knuckle head can be up and running
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Marketing are now banking well over 4 figures per month.
Did I mention this was part time?

In his system you'll discover:

** Why you NEVER have to resort to cold calling a lead EVER

** How to advertise your Network Marketing business both online and
offline without going broke in the process.

** How to use the Internet to put your recruiting machine
into overdrive.

** Why your biggest enemy to Network Marketing success may be the present
company that you're promoting.

** The ONE advertising secret that can save your Network Marketing
business from certain failure. You'll be amazed how many
people fail to pick up on this one.

** The One model that every single highly successful
Internet Network Marketer uses and how to capture its power
for yourself.

** The FIVE STEP blueprint to creating long-term business
growth using a simple website.

** How to continue making money even if your present network
marketing business failed outright. Huh?

This young "unknown" was recently invited to share the stage
with industry heavy hitters and he had the audience on the
edge of their seat. They just couldn't believe what they
were hearing.

These kinds of results are unheard of in the Network Marketing industry.

And this 'rookie' is so sure of himself that he promises to
pay you double your investment back if you're not in profit
within 90 days! Talk about having balls.

Can over 4,000 people be so wrong about this guy?

==> http://mlmguruankur.getnetmlmprofits.com/profits/?mad=5926

Ankur Agarwal,

P.S. An "unknown" rookie after wasting thousands of dollars
and countless hours cold-calling, finally cracked the code
to building a recruiting machine on steroids. And income
now flows into his bank account whether people join his
downline or not!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Special 50% off Sale By Ann Sieg - Renegade Network Marketer Fame

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Ankur Agarwal

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Free Gift for my mlm blog readers

Hi Friends
I had to share this with you.
I just ran into this f.ree course that teaches you how to close your prospects in 45 seconds or less.
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Have a good one,
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